HPAP Analysis of the 2018 Ontario Liberal Budget

Health Care Providers Against Poverty (HPAP) member Katie Boone analyzed the recently proposed 2018 Ontario budget from an income security perspective. See ourfull report here:

HPAP Ontario Budget 2018 Analysis

Key Points from Our Analysis:

  • Overall, this year’s budget is highly progressive with pivotal funding in support of a broad range of social services but there are still large deficiencies unaccounted for.
  • The budget signals change that will reform the punitive nature and support fairness in the income security system as suggested by the ISWG
  • It does not offer adequate funding to improve the system’s main deficiency, the inadequate income that keeps recipients in poverty. The proposed increases in OW and ODSP rates of only 3% per year for the next 3 years are insufficient, far less than what was recommended by the ISWG.
  • The investment in areas of health care including child care, mental health, and addictions are laudable and will certainly have positive downstream effects for persons accessing social assistance.