Health Equity: From Evidence to Action on Poverty. Health Achieve North Conference. Thunder Bay, ON. Nov 8, 2016. Katie Dorman.

Upstream Downstream: Poverty, Health, and Nursing. CFPNA/OFPN Conference. Ottawa, ON. May 1, 2016. Kathy Hardill.

Climate, Health, and Poverty. Toronto Peoples’ Assembly on Climate Justice. Toronto, ON. Nov 28, 2015. Mike Benusic, Jim Deutsch, Zuzana Betkova.

Health Providers Against Poverty: Lessons Learned. Peoples’ Social Forum. Toronto, ON. Jun 11, 2015. Samantha Green, Mike Benusic. Credits: Lucy Barker.

Health Providers Against Poverty: Lessons LearnedCommunity Works! Discussion. Toronto, ON. Dec 9, 2014. Katie Dorman.

Health Providers Against Poverty: Lessons Learned. Prevent More To Treat Less Conference. Toronto, ON. June 4, 2014. Kathy Hardill, Monika Dutt, Katie Dorman.

Treating Poverty as a Medical Problem. Quality Improvement & Patient Safety Conference. Toronto, ON. May 30, 2014. Katie Dorman.

The Impacts of Poverty on Health. Toronto, ON. Sept 9, 2011. Laura Hanson, Jess Lyons, Michaela Beder.

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