15 and Fairness Campaign – Action Alert

Please below for an important message from our friends at the Decent Work and Health Network and the 15 and Fairness Campaign:

  1. Please write to Kathleen Wynne in this final week before the amendments to Bill 148 are finalized on Nov 16 using the following link: http://15andfairness.org/take-action/#send-email
  2. Please help promote this video of Dr. Andrew Pinto presenting on Bill 148 by sharing on your social media networks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHyZ-7OwtXU

Thanks for your ongoing support!

Day of Action on the Overdose Crisis

HPAP endorses the upcoming National Day of Action on the Overdose Crisis.

Poverty exacerbates and can also be a consequence of substance use. Those with lower income and unstable housing often lack the space and resources to use drugs safely. They also face barriers to seeking treatment.

Too many lives have been lost prematurely due to delayed action on the overdose crisis.

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Toronto City Budget Cuts Harmful To Health

The 2017 City of Toronto budget will be finalized in February and HPAP members are concerned about the negative health impacts of the proposed budget cuts.

Drs. Shaurya Taran and Naheed Dosani’s Toronto Star editorial highlights the disproportionate impact of city budget cuts on those who are most vulnerable.

On Thursday January 10, several HPAP members attended a budget committee meeting and provided written submissions with their concerns.

Deputation – Dr. Michaela Beder

“Particularly worrisome is the budget’s proposed $10M service cuts, which include cuts of $1.8M to Shelter, Support and Housing, including more than $1M in staffing cuts. As a doctor working in the shelters, it is clear to me that they are packed to capacity, and there is a dire need for a significant increase in funding for both TCHC housing and shelter beds. In addition, the $30,000 proposed budget cut to shut down emergency cooling stations around the city is shortsighted and will undoubtedly have detrimental effects on the most vulnerable members of our city – marginally housed young children and the elderly – who have no alternative during heat alerts. These cooling centers provide a lifesaving service to many of Toronto’s homeless and under-housed.”

Deputation – Dr. Samantha Green

“Supporting housing means supporting a healthy city. Research from Toronto has proven that access to housing leads to improved health, particularly for folks with mental illness and addiction. Providing accessible recreation and community services leads to improved physical and mental health for all our citizens. Moreover, Toronto’s reputation as a welcoming, world class city depends on our support for our most vulnerable.”

Make your voice heard by joining one of the Councillor Budget Town Halls!