Letter To Toronto Councillor Wong-Tam Opposing the School House Shelter Closure

Apr 3, 2012

To Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam;

As a member of Health Providers Against Poverty, an organization of Health Providers committed to addressing poverty as a health issue, I am urging you to put the issue of the School House Shelter’s pending closure on the agenda of the next City of Toronto Community Development and Recreation Committee on March 27th. Furthermore, we ask you to put forward a motion to keep the School House open and operating in the East end of Toronto. With the severe lack of affordable housing in Toronto and the lack of supportive shelters like the School House, a wet shelter for vulnerable men who are often unable to access other shelters, the move to close the School House is shortsighted, furthers ill health and will result in increased costs to the overall system. We ask you to take a strong stand regarding this important matter and oppose the closing of the School House.

Thank you for your attention to this crucial matter,

Anne Egger, RNEC
Health Providers Against Poverty