Groups Propose Basic Income For Food Security

Health Providers Against Poverty endorsed a recent Position Statement from the Ontario Society of Nutrition Professionals in Public Health calling for a basic income pilot in Ontario.

The need for urgent action on income inequity and food insecurity was highlighted in this letter to Premier Wynne and the provincial government.

“OSNPPH members apply the cost of the Nutritious Food Basket and average rental housing costs to various family composition and income scenarios in both Northern and non-Northern jurisdictions. Year after year, our analyses clearly indicate that families and individuals who have minimum wage incomes or receive social assistance do not have enough money to cover the basic cost of living”

“As demonstrated in our Position Statement, the primary community response to food insecurity – food charity – is an ineffective and counterproductive response to food insecurity because it does not address the root cause which is poverty. While food charity may help to relieve immediate hunger in those who seek assistance, food insecurity persists. To effectively address food insecurity, income responses are required.”

More information:
Household Food Insecurity in Canada 2013

OCAP Rally For Food Justice

The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty held a successful Rally for Food Justice on April 9, 2016. HPAP member Katie Dorman shared the following message.

“I’m a family physician working in Northern Ontario and member of Health Providers Against Poverty, sending my support for OCAPs rally against food poverty and hunger.

Every day I see the damaging effects of excessive food prices on people’s health. Food insecurity, both in the amount and type of food that people can afford, is contributing to premature mortality across Ontario.

Along the James Bay coast, the Northern Stores have a monopoly. 1 orange costs $3, 1 can of soup costs over $6, 3 bags of milk costs nearly $10. At the same time, the CEO of the North West Company earns over 5 million dollars per year.

Children are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and cannot afford to eat healthy.

People who are hungry have no food bank to turn to.

Colonization and systematic cultural oppression have deprived many indigenous peoples of their traditional sustenance, while ongoing exploitation by large corporations intensifies food insecurity. On top of this, chronic underfunding of education, health care, children’s services, and social infrastructure intensify the effects of poverty and hunger.

It’s time for this to end. We need food security for all Ontarians.”

Chanteal Lee.jpg
MC Chanteal Lee reading a message from HPAP member Katie Dorman