HPAP Annual Report 2011-2012

This past year was an important one for HPAP. We engaged in a number of campaigns ranging from protesting the closure of The School House Shelter, a harm reduction facility, to speaking out against cuts to refugee health care coverage, to protesting the government’s continued intransigence around addressing social assistance rates in this province. 

We have grown as a group, with a new HPAP chapter in Hamilton, Ontario. We remain a small core group of dedicated members and look to the coming year to build our numbers and particularly focus on engaging health professional trainees and colleagues from outside medicine and nursing.

As noted in a recent editorial in the Star, “Ontario has seen the continuous erosion of social assistance benefits and a system focused on surveillance and punishment rather than dignity and support,” and ” whether people on social assistance are able to achieve good health and live with dignity will be the ultimate test of social assistance reform.” 

Thank you for your continuous support.

Download the 2011-2012 Annual Report