HPAP Pre-Budget Submission for the Government of Ontario

Jan 30, 2007

Health Providers Against Poverty proposes that, at a minimum, the upcoming Ontario Budget includes an increase in welfare rates of 40% across the board. This will help to prevent the most egregious health consequences of living in poverty, and will result in a healthier society.

While we support targeted initiatives to improve the subsidies provided to families with children, and to improve the job skills of people living on welfare, it is a simple increase in income that will allow people living on social assistance the opportunity to stay healthy. Legislated poverty is unacceptable in a society as wealthy as ours. We can afford to take this step to improve the health of our province, and it will have a greater real impact on the lives of people in need than almost any other measure this budget is likely to include.

Download the full 2007 Ontario Pre-Budget Submission by Dr. Gary Bloch