• Health Providers Against Poverty was established to allow providers to work together in garnering public attention on the serious but preventable health impacts of poverty
  • HPAP joined the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty’s Special Diet Campaign, which aimed to increase funds available to people on social assistance through the Special Diet Allowance
  • Between Feb to Nov 2005, OCAP hosted 25 “Special Diet Clinics” throughout Ontario
  • In Oct 2005, the largest of these demonstrations took place at Queen’s Park – a massive “hunger” clinic staffed by 40 health care providers and attended by 1100 clients
  • HPAP members volunteering at these clinics documented social assistance recipients’ health problems and “prescribed” income through the Special Diet Allowance form
  • Money was transferred into the pockets of thousands of people living in poverty in Ontario
  • Unfortunately, in Nov 2005, the Provincial government quietly made cuts to the Special Diet Allowance and mandated that health care providers indicate which eligible medical condition an individual had been diagnosed with to qualify for the funding
Mass Hunger Clinic


  • HPAP members continued to advocate for increased social assistance rates and poverty reduction in Ontario by joining anti-poverty actions in Toronto, attending Provincial pre-budget hearings, and delivering academic presentations on the impact of poverty on health
Anne Egger


  • A HPAP chapter in Hamilton, ON joined the Toronto-based group in advocating for increased social assistance rates, reduced austerity measures, and reversal of cuts to the Interim Federal Health Program
  • HPAP Founder, Dr. Gary Bloch, created Poverty – A Clinical Tool For Primary Care, in association with the University of Toronto and Ontario College of Family Physicians
March 17 2012


  • A new HPAP chapter launched in Nova Scotia