Toronto Must Not Leave People Out In the Cold

Health care providers are advocating for the City of Toronto to provide adequate shelter space to keep people out of the cold and prevent unnecessary illness and deaths this winter.

HPAP’s Letter to Toronto City Councillors, by Drs. Michaela Beder and Michael Benusic, is listed on the Jan 18, 2016 Budget Committee meeting agenda.

Show your support for increased funding for shelters and warming centres in Toronto’s 2016 budget by signing this Petition to Mayor John Tory. 

Letter to Toronto Councillors on Warming Centres Jan 11 2016.jpg

Toronto Should Invest in Poverty Reduction in the 2016 Budget

Civic leaders including HPAP Founder, Dr. Gary Bloch, joined in signing a letter to the Toronto Mayor and Council urging them to act on recommendations to advance the City’s Poverty Reduction Strategy.

The goal is to achieve concrete outcomes in 2016, including:

  • Providing supportive housing for 1,000 individuals and families and making rent affordable for 7,000 households at risk of homelessness
  • Providing access to subsidized childcare for 1,500 families
  • Freezing adult fares until a low-income transit pass is introduced in 2017
  • Ensuring that people delivering city services, either directly or through contractors, have decent, stable jobs
  • Creating opportunity for people with lived experience to guide and work in city programs to ensure relevance and effectiveness

See the news release and Toronto Start article for more information.

Meeting With Minister Hoskins on Paid Sick Days

Today was another big day for the Fight For 15 & Fairness!

Members of Health Providers Against Poverty joined allies for a meeting with the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, Dr. Eric Hoskins, to discuss the need for protected paid sick days in Ontario as called for in a statement signed by more than 900 health workers!


Check out this coverage of the month of action for legislated paid sick days in Ontario!

Health Providers Take to the Street for Paid Sick Days

On Thursday, November 19th, members of Health Providers Against Poverty joined a public rally outside Queen’s Park subway station, in an effort to draw attention to a campaign calling for paid sick days for all workers.

15 & Fairness Nov 19 2015.jpg

Currently, employers in Ontario are not required to provide sick days by law. Consequently, too many workers are forced to go to work sick in order to avoid losing pay.

As the Ministry of Labour continues its review of employment legislation to change the Employment Standards Act, there is a unique opportunity to strengthen protections for all workers in Ontario. Health providers are calling for at least seven paid sick days, pro-rated for part-time workers, as well as removing the requirement for medical notes. The campaign is lead by 15 & Fairness.

“As doctors we provide care for our patients, and sometimes this also requires that we address the factors that affect health outcomes. Working while sick is a serious public health concern. The real solution here is to update the labour laws, so that no one has to choose between their pay and well-being.”

“Having patients with flu sit in a waiting room to get a sick note is neither a good use of their time nor our health providers’ time.”

– Dr. Kate Hayman, ER Physician